Nov 08

Windows 7 Starter Product Key

Windows 7 starter product key

Before you get to know about the windows 7 starter product key you should know in detail what actually a starter key is. The product key of any windows basically is a code which is given by the company for the installation of the windows and it ensures that the windows that have been bought is legal and is not obtained by some other means So whenever you want to install a window you will have to enter that starter product key and that will allow you to use it and whenever you will have to update your windows you will have to need that product starter key so it is necessary to keep it safe somewhere or you can note it down. The product key is written either in the case of the software CD and can be printed on the CD itself. But if you are downloading it and buying it online you will be sent that code through the e-mail or by some other means. So now if you have downloaded Windows 7 and wants to activate it then you will be needing the windows 7 starter product key.

Windows7 starter product key

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system and it is still a lot in use among the people even though the windows 8 and 10 has been released. In fact, some people even prefer it over the other ones. So this is the reason why that windows 7 starter product key is of great importance even now. With the help of this windows 7 starter product key, you can update almost any version of Windows 7 and you can keep updating it too with the help of that key but when you are upgrading it to new windows you cannot use the same product key. But if you are installing the same windows like windows 7 to another computer you can use the same windows starter product key. And you can use the same windows starter product key for different computers but you must have an authentic product key otherwise you won’t be able to install the windows on your computer.

How to recover your windows product key

Some people even though try enough to keep their product key safe it still get lost but that is not a problem because there are some of the software that allows you to find out the windows 7 starter product key for your windows. You can also find it yourself without the help of any software because it’s present in the registry of your windows and it is not possible for everyone to read it so you can find some of such software that can help you with it. There is also another way which is by contacting any franchise of the Microsoft that would definitely be able to find the windows 7 starter product key for your window 7.

SO this was all you should know about the windows 7 starter product key.